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West 67th Street 129

New York



+1 212 501-3330

The Merkin Concert Hall, located in New York City, United States, is a renowned music venue that has played a significant role in the local music scene for decades. Opened in 1978, the concert hall is named after Hermann and Ursula Merkin, who generously donated funds for its construction.

Architecturally, the Merkin Concert Hall boasts a stunning design with excellent acoustics. The 449-seat venue features a classic rectangular shape and elegant decor, providing an intimate setting for both performers and audiences. The hall's exceptional sound quality enhances the experience of attending concerts across various genres.

Throughout its history, the Merkin Concert Hall has hosted numerous notable events and performances. It has become synonymous with showcasing classical music, chamber music, and recitals by world-renowned musicians. Additionally, the venue has gained recognition for hosting contemporary music concerts and experimental performances that push artistic boundaries.

What sets the Merkin Concert Hall apart from other music venues is its dedication to promoting emerging artists through its "Ecstatic Music Festival." This annual event celebrates innovative collaborations between composers and performers from different musical backgrounds. By fostering these unique partnerships, the festival encourages artistic exploration and showcases groundbreaking musical experiences.

In addition to its outstanding programming, the Merkin Concert Hall offers amenities that enhance patrons' comfort and enjoyment. The venue provides comfortable seating with excellent sightlines from every seat. Its central location in Manhattan allows for easy access via public transportation.

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