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Tu-Su 11:00-22:00; Mo off; "Bei Regen bis 18:00"

Siebertstra├če 2



Cafebar Mona in Munich, Germany is a beloved music venue with a rich history and unique charm. Established in 1998, this cozy cafe and bar has become a staple in the local music scene, known for its intimate atmosphere and diverse range of live performances.

The architecture of Cafebar Mona is a blend of modern design and traditional Bavarian elements, creating a warm and inviting space for guests to enjoy music and drinks. The venue hosts a variety of musical genres, including jazz, blues, folk, and indie rock, attracting a diverse audience of music lovers.

Throughout the years, Cafebar Mona has been the stage for many notable events and performances, showcasing both up-and-coming artists and established musicians. The venue's commitment to supporting local talent has made it a hub for emerging artists to showcase their work.

One unique feature of Cafebar Mona is its outdoor patio area, where guests can enjoy live music al fresco during the warmer months. This added amenity sets it apart from other music venues in the area.

Overall, Cafebar Mona holds a special place in Munich's music scene, offering a welcoming space for both performers and audiences to come together and enjoy great music in a relaxed setting.

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