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Sunnyside Records is a distinguished American record label specializing in jazz and world music, founded in 1982 by Fran├žois Zalacain. The label is based in New York City and has established itself as a significant force in the jazz music scene, with a reputation for both nurturing emerging talents and collaborating with established artists. Sunnyside Records stands out for its eclectic catalogue, which includes a wide range of jazz styles from traditional to avant-garde, as well as Latin jazz and other world music genres, reflecting the label's commitment to musical diversity and exploration.

Over the years, Sunnyside Records has built an impressive roster of artists, contributing significantly to its reputation as a home for innovative and high-quality jazz music. Notable artists who have released music under the Sunnyside banner include pianist Fred Hersch, known for his lyrical playing and innovative compositions; guitarist Lionel Loueke, celebrated for blending African music with contemporary jazz; and the Argentine pianist Guillermo Klein, recognized for his unique fusion of jazz with South American musical elements.

Sunnyside Records' unique musical achievements include a number of critically acclaimed albums that have been recognized for their artistic merit and contribution to the jazz genre. The label's dedication to artistically ambitious projects and its support for artists' creative visions have made it a respected name in the jazz community. Its commitment to high-quality production and presentation of music has helped to preserve and advance the jazz tradition, making Sunnyside Records a pivotal player in the global jazz landscape.


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