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Drone Metal is a subgenre of heavy metal that emerged in the late 1990s, characterized by its slow, repetitive, and heavily distorted sound. It takes inspiration from genres like doom metal, ambient music, and noise music. The origins of Drone Metal can be traced back to the band Earth, particularly their album "Earth 2: Special Low Frequency Version" released in 1993. This album laid the foundation for the genre with its minimalist approach and extended song structures.

Key characteristics of Drone Metal include extremely slow tempos, long sustained notes or chords played on heavily distorted guitars, minimal use of vocals (if any), and an emphasis on creating a hypnotic and trance-like atmosphere. The genre often incorporates elements of feedback, amplifier noise, and unconventional instrumentation.

Over time, Drone Metal has evolved to incorporate various experimental and avant-garde elements. Sunn O))), formed in 1998, has become one of the most prominent acts within the genre. Their album "Monoliths & Dimensions" released in 2009 showcased their ability to blend drone metal with orchestral arrangements and diverse instrumentation.

Other significant artists associated with Drone Metal include Boris, who introduced elements of shoegaze and psychedelic rock into the genre with albums like "Flood" (2000), and Nadja, known for their use of ambient textures and electronic elements.

Drone Metal has had a notable impact on the global music scene by pushing boundaries and challenging traditional notions of heavy metal.


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