Wand live in San Diego

July 30, 2024 at The Casbah in San Diego, United States

Wand, an American psychedelic rock band known for their eclectic and experimental sound, is set to perform at The Casbah in San Diego, United States on July 30, 2024. Formed in Los Angeles in 2013, Wand has garnered critical acclaim for their blend of garage rock, punk, and shoegaze influences. Their music is characterized by intricate guitar work, hypnotic rhythms, and ethereal vocals that create a mesmerizing sonic experience for audiences.

The Casbah is a renowned music venue located in the heart of San Diego's lively music scene. Established in 1989, The Casbah has hosted a wide range of local and international artists across various genres, making it a beloved institution among music lovers in the area. With its intimate setting and dedicated focus on showcasing emerging talent alongside established acts, The Casbah provides a unique and immersive concert experience for attendees.

The upcoming concert featuring Wand at The Casbah promises to be a night filled with dynamic performances and captivating music. Fans can expect to hear a mix of old favorites and new tracks from Wand's discography, showcasing the band's evolution and innovation within the psychedelic rock genre. Don't miss this opportunity to witness Wand's distinctive sound live at The Casbah in San Diego.