Urszula Dudziak

Urszula Dudziak live in Krakow

Aug. 30, 2024 at Msitj "Manggha" in Krakow, Poland

Urszula Dudziak, a renowned Polish jazz vocalist known for her innovative vocal techniques and fusion of jazz, pop, and world music influences, is scheduled to perform at the Msitj "Manggha" in Krakow, Poland on August 30, 2024. Dudziak's music style is characterized by her use of scat singing, vocal percussion, and electronic effects to create a unique and dynamic sound that has earned her international acclaim.

The Msitj "Manggha" is a cultural institution in Krakow dedicated to promoting dialogue between Eastern and Western cultures through various art forms, including visual arts, music, theater, and literature. The venue is located near the Vistula River and offers a modern space that is ideal for hosting concerts and other cultural events.

Urszula Dudziak's upcoming concert at Msitj "Manggha" presents an opportunity for audiences to experience her captivating performance style in a culturally rich and vibrant setting. With her impressive vocal range and improvisational skills, Dudziak is sure to deliver a memorable performance that showcases her talent and creativity. Fans of jazz music and innovative vocalists alike are likely to appreciate the opportunity to see Urszula Dudziak live at this esteemed venue in Krakow.