Tord Gustavsen Trio

Tord Gustavsen Trio live in Basel

March 28, 2025 at Stadtcasino Basel in Basel, Switzerland

The Tord Gustavsen Trio is set to perform at Stadtcasino Basel in Basel, Switzerland on March 28, 2025. The trio is known for their unique blend of jazz and classical music, creating a contemplative and intimate atmosphere through their performances.

Tord Gustavsen, the Norwegian pianist and composer leading the trio, is recognized for his lyrical and melodic style that often incorporates elements of Scandinavian folk music. His compositions are characterized by their minimalist approach, focusing on subtle nuances and emotional depth.

Stadtcasino Basel is a renowned concert hall located in the heart of Basel. Originally built in the 19th century, it has a rich history of hosting classical music concerts, operas, and other cultural events. The venue's grand architecture and acoustics make it a popular choice for both performers and audiences alike.

With its elegant surroundings and prestigious reputation, Stadtcasino Basel provides an ideal setting for the Tord Gustavsen Trio to showcase their musical talents. Fans of jazz, classical music, and contemporary instrumental music are likely to appreciate the trio's performance in this historic venue.