Tigran Hamasyan

Tigran Hamasyan live in Amsterdam

April 2, 2025 at De Singel in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Tigran Hamasyan, an acclaimed Armenian jazz pianist and composer known for his fusion of traditional Armenian folk music with contemporary jazz and rock influences, is set to perform at De Singel in Amsterdam, Netherlands on April 2, 2025.

Hamasyan's music style is characterized by intricate rhythms, virtuosic improvisation, and a unique blend of Eastern and Western musical traditions. His performances are known for their dynamic energy and emotional depth, captivating audiences with his technical prowess and artistic vision.

De Singel is a renowned cultural center located in Antwerp, Belgium, known for its innovative programming and commitment to showcasing a diverse range of performing arts. The venue features state-of-the-art acoustics and a modern design that provides an intimate setting for both artists and audiences.

The upcoming concert at De Singel promises to be a memorable experience for fans of Tigran Hamasyan's music, offering an opportunity to witness his extraordinary talent live on stage. With its reputation for hosting world-class performances in a welcoming atmosphere, De Singel is the perfect setting for this unique musical event.