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The Magnetic Fields live in North Adams

March 23, 2024 at Mass Moca in North Adams, United States

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Alternative Rock Anti-Folk Art Pop Art Rock Chamber Pop Dream Pop Indie Pop Indie Rock Lo-Fi Melancholia Metropopolis Permanent Wave Singer-Songwriter Tape Club
The Magnetic Fields is an American indie pop band formed in 1989 by singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Stephin Merritt. Known for their distinctive blend of witty lyrics, diverse musical styles, and Merritt's deep baritone voice, the band has garnered critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base over the course of their career. Merritt, who serves as the primary songwriter for The Magnetic Fields, is widely regarded as one of the most prolific and talented songwriters of his generation. His unique ability to craft clever and poignant lyrics has earned him comparisons to legendary wordsm ... Read on


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