Širom live in Rotterdam

This concert has already happened

July 13, 2024 at North Sea Jazz Festival 2024 in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Širom, a Slovenian experimental folk band known for their unique blend of traditional and contemporary musical elements, is set to perform at the North Sea Jazz Festival 2024 in Rotterdam, Netherlands on July 13th.

The North Sea Jazz Festival is one of the largest indoor music festivals in the world, renowned for its diverse lineup that spans across various genres including jazz, soul, funk, and world music. The festival attracts music enthusiasts from around the globe to experience performances by both established artists and emerging talents.

Širom's music style is characterized by intricate instrumentation featuring a wide array of traditional and unconventional instruments such as hurdy-gurdy, banjo, percussion, and homemade instruments. Their soundscapes often incorporate elements of ambient music, free jazz, and avant-garde experimentation, creating a mesmerizing and immersive listening experience.

With their innovative approach to composition and performance, Širom has garnered critical acclaim for their boundary-pushing sound that blurs the lines between genres. Their live performances are known for their improvisational nature and captivating energy that transports audiences to otherworldly realms.

Fans of eclectic and adventurous music are sure to be captivated by Širom's performance at the North Sea Jazz Festival 2024, where they will showcase their distinctive musical vision amidst a lineup of talented artists from around the world.