Shalosh live in Leverkusen

Nov. 4, 2024 at Bayer Erholungshaus in Leverkusen, Germany

Shalosh, an Israeli jazz trio known for their unique blend of jazz, rock, and classical music elements, is set to perform at the Bayer Erholungshaus in Leverkusen, Germany on November 4, 2024.

Formed in 2012, Shalosh consists of pianist Gadi Stern, bassist David Michaeli, and drummer Matan Assayag. Their music is characterized by intricate compositions, improvisation, and a dynamic interplay between the musicians. The trio's innovative approach to jazz has garnered them critical acclaim and a growing international fan base.

The Bayer Erholungshaus is a historic venue located in Leverkusen, Germany. Built in the early 20th century as a recreational facility for employees of the Bayer pharmaceutical company, the Erholungshaus has since become a cultural hub in the region. The venue boasts excellent acoustics and a rich history of hosting diverse performances ranging from classical concerts to contemporary music events.

The upcoming concert at the Bayer Erholungshaus promises to be a memorable evening for jazz enthusiasts and music lovers alike. With Shalosh's reputation for captivating live performances and the venue's esteemed status as a cultural landmark, attendees can expect an unforgettable musical experience in a unique and historic setting.