Shakatak live in Perth

July 21, 2024 at Scone Palace in Perth, United Kingdom

Shakatak, a British jazz-funk band formed in the early 1980s, is set to perform at Scone Palace in Perth, United Kingdom on July 21, 2024. Known for their unique blend of jazz, funk, and pop music, Shakatak has released over 50 albums and had numerous chart-topping hits throughout their career.

Scone Palace, located near the city of Perth in Scotland, is a historic landmark known for its picturesque gardens and rich history. The palace has been the crowning place of Scottish kings and the ancestral home of the Earls of Mansfield for over 400 years. Its stunning architecture and beautiful surroundings make it a popular venue for events and concerts.

The upcoming concert at Scone Palace offers fans an opportunity to enjoy Shakatak's iconic music in a unique and historic setting. With their infectious rhythms and catchy melodies, Shakatak is sure to provide an evening of entertainment for music lovers of all ages. The combination of the band's energetic performance and the majestic backdrop of Scone Palace promises to create a memorable experience for attendees.

Overall, the concert at Scone Palace featuring Shakatak presents a special opportunity to enjoy live music in a beautiful and culturally significant location. Fans can look forward to an evening filled with great music and stunning views at this highly anticipated event.