Resavoir live in Heidelberg

Nov. 1, 2024 at Metropolink’S Commissary in Heidelberg, Germany

Resavoir is a Chicago-based music collective known for their unique blend of jazz, electronic, and hip-hop influences. Their music style incorporates live instrumentation with electronic production, creating a sound that is both dynamic and immersive.

Metropolink’S Commissary in Heidelberg, Germany is a popular venue known for hosting a variety of live music events and cultural performances. The venue's intimate setting and eclectic atmosphere make it a favorite among both local residents and visitors to the city.

On November 1st, 2024, Resavoir will be performing at Metropolink’S Commissary as part of their European tour. Fans can expect to hear tracks from their critically acclaimed self-titled debut album, which features intricate arrangements and lush soundscapes that showcase the band's diverse musical influences.

With a lineup that includes talented musicians from across the Chicago music scene, Resavoir's live performances are known for their energy and improvisational spirit. Audiences can look forward to an evening of genre-defying music that pushes boundaries and defies expectations.

Whether you're a longtime fan of Resavoir or simply looking to experience something new and exciting, their concert at Metropolink’S Commissary is sure to be a memorable event for music lovers of all tastes.