Rachel Z

Rachel Z live in Seattle

June 6, 2024 at The Triple Door in Seattle, United States

Rachel Z, a talented jazz pianist and composer known for her innovative blend of jazz, rock, classical, and world music influences, will be performing at The Triple Door in Seattle, United States on June 6, 2024.

Rachel Z's music style is characterized by her virtuosic piano playing, intricate compositions, and dynamic improvisational skills. She has released several critically acclaimed albums and collaborated with renowned artists such as Wayne Shorter, Peter Gabriel, and Al Di Meola.

Located in downtown Seattle, The Triple Door is a popular music venue known for its intimate atmosphere and exceptional acoustics. The venue features a unique layout with cabaret-style seating and a stage that provides an up-close and personal experience for concertgoers.

The Triple Door has hosted a diverse range of musical acts across genres including jazz, blues, folk, rock, and world music. With its elegant decor and top-notch sound system, the venue offers a premier setting for both artists and audiences alike.

Fans of Rachel Z can expect an unforgettable evening of mesmerizing music in the intimate setting of The Triple Door. Whether you are a longtime fan or new to her work, this concert promises to showcase Rachel Z's exceptional talent and creativity in a memorable performance.