Philip Catherine

Philip Catherine live in Krakow

Sept. 1, 2024 at Radio Kraków in Krakow, Poland

Philip Catherine, a renowned Belgian jazz guitarist, is set to perform at Radio Kraków in Krakow, Poland on September 1, 2024. Known for his unique blend of traditional jazz, fusion, and contemporary styles, Catherine has established himself as a leading figure in the European jazz scene.

Radio Kraków, the venue for the upcoming concert, is a prominent radio station located in Krakow that has been serving the local community since 1926. With a focus on promoting cultural events and supporting local artists, Radio Kraków has become a hub for music lovers in the region.

Philip Catherine's performance at Radio Kraków is expected to showcase his virtuosic guitar skills and improvisational talents. With a career spanning over five decades, Catherine has collaborated with some of the biggest names in jazz including Chet Baker, Charles Mingus, and Dexter Gordon. His music is characterized by intricate melodies, sophisticated harmonies, and dynamic rhythms that captivate audiences around the world.

Fans of jazz music and guitar enthusiasts alike are eagerly anticipating Philip Catherine's concert at Radio Kraków. The event promises to be a memorable evening filled with exceptional music in a historic and culturally rich setting.


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