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Mitsuko Uchida live in Luxembourg

Jan. 9, 2024 at Philharmonie in Luxembourg, Luxembourg

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Mitsuko Uchida is a highly acclaimed and celebrated Japanese-British pianist known for her exceptional talent, profound musicality, and insightful interpretations. Born on December 20, 1948, in Atami, Japan, Uchida embarked on a remarkable career that has spanned several decades and earned her numerous accolades. Uchida's musical journey began at the age of three when she started playing the piano. Recognizing her prodigious talent, her family moved to Vienna when she was twelve so she could study at the Vienna Academy of Music. There, she honed her skills under the guidance of Richard Hauser ... Read on


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Mitsuko Uchida in concert at Philharmonie on Jan. 9, 2024

On January 9, 2024, renowned pianist Mitsuko Uchida will be performing a highly anticipated concert at the Philharmonie in Luxembourg, Luxembourg.

Mitsuko Uchida is widely recognized as one of the most distinguished pianists of our time. Born in Japan and now a British citizen, Uchida has captivated audiences worldwide with her exceptional musicality and profound interpretations. Known for her sensitive touch and nuanced playing, she has been praised for her ability to bring out the emotional depth and subtleties of the music she performs.

The concert will showcase Uchida's exceptional talent as she presents a program that reflects her versatility and mastery of different musical styles. With a repertoire that spans from classical to contemporary works, Uchida's performance promises to be a captivating journey through various musical periods.

The venue for this much-anticipated concert is the Philharmonie in Luxembourg. Situated in the heart of Luxembourg City, the Philharmonie is a state-of-the-art concert hall renowned for its exceptional acoustics and modern architectural design. Opened in 2005, it has become a cultural landmark within Luxembourg and has hosted numerous world-class musicians and orchestras.

The Philharmonie offers an intimate yet grand setting for musical performances, with its main auditorium accommodating up to 1,500 spectators. The venue's innovative design ensures optimal sound quality and visibility from every seat, allowing the audience to fully immerse themselves in the music.

In addition to its main auditorium, the Philharmonie also features smaller performance spaces such as the Espace Découverte and Salle de Musique de Chambre. These versatile venues provide opportunities for more intimate concerts and chamber music performances.

Luxembourg itself is known for its rich cultural heritage and vibrant arts scene. As the capital city of Luxembourg, it serves as a hub for artistic expression and attracts renowned musicians from around the world.

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