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Mitsuko Uchida live in Madrid

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Dec. 1, 2023 at Auditorio Nacional De Música in Madrid, Spain

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Mitsuko Uchida is a highly acclaimed and celebrated Japanese-British pianist known for her exceptional talent, profound musicality, and insightful interpretations. Born on December 20, 1948, in Atami, Japan, Uchida embarked on a remarkable career that has spanned several decades and earned her numerous accolades. Uchida's musical journey began at the age of three when she started playing the piano. Recognizing her prodigious talent, her family moved to Vienna when she was twelve so she could study at the Vienna Academy of Music. There, she honed her skills under the guidance of Richard Hauser ... Read on


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Mitsuko Uchida in concert at Auditorio Nacional De Música on Dec. 1, 2023

Mitsuko Uchida, the renowned Japanese-born pianist and conductor, is set to enchant audiences with her exceptional musical talent at the Auditorio Nacional De Música in Madrid, Spain on December 1, 2023. Known for her captivating performances and profound interpretations of classical music, Uchida has established herself as one of the most distinguished pianists of our time.

Uchida's music style is characterized by her deep sensitivity and meticulous attention to detail. She possesses a remarkable ability to convey the emotional depth and complexity of each composition she performs. Her interpretations are often praised for their clarity, elegance, and profound musicality.

The Auditorio Nacional De Música, located in Madrid's Chamartín district, is a prestigious concert hall that serves as one of Spain's premier venues for classical music performances. Designed by architect José María García de Paredes, this architectural gem was inaugurated in 1988 and has since become an iconic cultural landmark in the city. The auditorium boasts exceptional acoustics and a seating capacity of over 2,000, providing an intimate yet grand setting for musical events.

Throughout its history, the Auditorio Nacional De Música has hosted countless world-class musicians and orchestras from around the globe. Its stage has witnessed stellar performances by renowned artists such as Plácido Domingo, Yo-Yo Ma, and Martha Argerich. The venue also serves as the home to several prestigious Spanish orchestras including the National Orchestra of Spain and the Community of Madrid Orchestra.

For this upcoming concert, Mitsuko Uchida will present a captivating program featuring works by some of the greatest composers in classical music. With her virtuosic skill and profound understanding of each composition's nuances, Uchida will transport the audience on a mesmerizing journey through the rich tapestry of emotions woven within these masterpieces.

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