Max Richter

Max Richter live in Chicago

May 6, 2025 at Symphonie Center in Chicago, United States

Max Richter, a renowned contemporary composer and pianist known for his unique blend of classical and electronic music, is set to perform at the prestigious Symphonie Center in Chicago, United States on May 6, 2025.

Richter's music style is characterized by minimalist compositions that evoke deep emotions and contemplation. His works often incorporate elements of post-rock and ambient music, creating a mesmerizing and introspective listening experience for audiences.

The Symphonie Center, located in the heart of Chicago's cultural district, is a world-class concert venue known for its exceptional acoustics and stunning architecture. The center has hosted numerous acclaimed musicians and orchestras from around the globe, making it a premier destination for classical music enthusiasts.

Attendees can expect to be immersed in an evening of transcendent musical performances as Max Richter takes the stage at the Symphonie Center. With his mastery of blending traditional orchestral arrangements with modern electronic sounds, Richter promises to deliver a captivating and unforgettable concert experience for all in attendance.

Don't miss this opportunity to witness one of the most innovative and influential composers of our time live in concert at the Symphonie Center in Chicago.