Marcus King

Marcus King live in Antwerp

Oct. 28, 2024 at De Roma in Antwerp, Belgium

Marcus King, a highly acclaimed American musician, is scheduled to perform live at De Roma in Antwerp, Belgium on October 28, 2024. Known for his distinctive blend of rock, blues, and soul, Marcus King has gained recognition for his powerful vocals and impressive guitar skills.

With influences ranging from blues legends like B.B. King and Albert King to rock icons such as Jimi Hendrix and The Allman Brothers Band, Marcus King has developed a unique sound that resonates with audiences worldwide. His music seamlessly combines elements of classic blues with modern rock sensibilities, resulting in a captivating and dynamic performance.

De Roma, the venue hosting this anticipated concert, holds a significant place in Antwerp's cultural landscape. Originally built as a cinema in 1928, it was later transformed into a concert hall in the 1980s. Located in the Borgerhout district of Antwerp, De Roma has become renowned for its diverse programming that includes music concerts spanning various genres.

The venue's rich history adds to its charm and allure. Having undergone extensive renovations over the years while preserving its original art deco architecture, De Roma offers an intimate yet spacious setting for live performances. Its excellent acoustics ensure an immersive experience for concertgoers, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the music.

Fans of Marcus King can expect an unforgettable evening filled with soulful melodies and electrifying guitar solos at De Roma.