Makaya McCraven

Makaya McCraven live in Paris

Aug. 30, 2024 at Jazz À La Villette 2024 in Paris, France

Makaya McCraven, a renowned American jazz drummer and producer known for his innovative approach to blending live performance with electronic elements, is set to perform at Jazz À La Villette 2024 in Paris, France on August 30, 2024.

McCraven's music style is characterized by its fusion of jazz, hip-hop, and electronic music, creating a unique sound that pushes the boundaries of traditional jazz. His live performances often feature improvisation and collaboration with other musicians, resulting in dynamic and engaging shows that captivate audiences.

Jazz À La Villette is an annual music festival held in Paris that celebrates the rich history and diversity of jazz music. The festival showcases a lineup of both established artists and emerging talents from around the world, offering a platform for innovation and creativity within the genre. Jazz À La Villette 2024 promises to be a vibrant celebration of jazz music, bringing together artists and fans alike to experience the magic of live performances in one of the most iconic cities for jazz culture.

The concert featuring Makaya McCraven at Jazz À La Villette 2024 is sure to be a highlight of the festival, offering attendees an opportunity to witness his groundbreaking musical vision firsthand. It's an event not to be missed for jazz enthusiasts and music lovers looking for an unforgettable live experience.