Lucie Horsch

Lucie Horsch live in Wedel

Aug. 3, 2024 at Immanuelkirche in Wedel, Germany

Lucie Horsch, a talented young Dutch recorder player, will be performing at Immanuelkirche in Wedel, Germany on August 3, 2024. Horsch is known for her exceptional skill and passion for Baroque music, showcasing a repertoire that includes works by composers such as Vivaldi, Bach, and Telemann.

Immanuelkirche is a historic church located in the heart of Wedel. Built in the late 19th century, the church features stunning Gothic Revival architecture and serves as a cultural hub for the community. The church's acoustics are well-suited for musical performances, providing an intimate and immersive experience for concert-goers.

Horsch's concert at Immanuelkirche promises to be a memorable evening of classical music, where audiences can appreciate her virtuosity and artistry on the recorder. Her performances are known for their precision and emotional depth, captivating listeners with each note she plays.

Attendees can expect to be transported through time as Horsch brings to life the intricate melodies and rich harmonies of Baroque music within the beautiful surroundings of Immanuelkirche. Whether you are a seasoned classical music enthusiast or simply looking to experience something new, this concert is sure to delight all who appreciate exquisite musical talent in a stunning setting.