Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt live in Pittsburgh

Sept. 29, 2024 at Mr. Smalls in Pittsburgh, United States

Lightning Bolt, an American noise rock duo formed in 1994, is set to perform at Mr. Smalls in Pittsburgh, United States on September 29, 2024. Known for their high-energy performances and chaotic sound, Lightning Bolt's music style blends elements of punk rock, noise music, and experimental rock. The band is characterized by their intense live shows, with Brian Chippendale on drums and vocals and Brian Gibson on bass guitar.

Mr. Smalls is a popular concert venue located in Millvale, a suburb of Pittsburgh. Originally established in 1989 as a church before being converted into a music venue in the early 2000s, Mr. Smalls has since become a staple in the Pittsburgh music scene. The venue has a capacity of around 800 people and has hosted a wide range of musical acts across various genres.

Fans of Lightning Bolt can expect an electrifying performance filled with raw energy and frenetic noise at the upcoming concert at Mr. Smalls. With their unique blend of aggressive instrumentation and dynamic vocals, Lightning Bolt promises to deliver an unforgettable experience for attendees. Don't miss the opportunity to witness this legendary duo in action at one of Pittsburgh's premier music venues.