Lake Street Dive

Lake Street Dive live in Philadelphia

Sept. 15, 2024 at Td Pavilion At The Mann in Philadelphia, United States

Lake Street Dive, an American band known for their unique blend of soul, pop, and jazz-infused music, is set to perform at the TD Pavilion At The Mann in Philadelphia, United States on September 15, 2024.

Lake Street Dive's music style can be described as a fusion of various genres, incorporating elements of soul, R&B, pop, and jazz. The band's sound is characterized by rich harmonies, catchy melodies, and dynamic instrumentation. Their songs often feature powerful vocals from lead singer Rachael Price, accompanied by skillful musicianship from Mike Olson on trumpet/guitar, Bridget Kearney on upright bass, and Mike Calabrese on drums.

The TD Pavilion At The Mann is an iconic outdoor concert venue located in Fairmount Park in Philadelphia. Known for its picturesque setting and natural amphitheater design, the venue offers a unique concert experience amidst lush greenery and beautiful surroundings. With a seating capacity of around 14,000 people, the TD Pavilion At The Mann provides ample space for music enthusiasts to enjoy live performances while also offering excellent acoustics.

Over the years, this historic venue has hosted numerous renowned artists from various genres including classical music, rock bands, pop stars, and more. It has become a popular destination for both local residents and tourists seeking unforgettable live entertainment experiences.

Fans attending Lake Street Dive's concert at the TD Pavilion At The Mann can expect an evening filled with soulful melodies and energetic performances.