Lake Street Dive

Lake Street Dive live in London

Jan. 31, 2025 at Roundhouse in London, United Kingdom

Lake Street Dive, an American band formed in 2004 in Boston, Massachusetts, is known for their unique blend of pop, rock, jazz, and soul music. The band's sound is characterized by powerful vocals from lead singer Rachael Price, catchy melodies, and a strong rhythm section.

The Roundhouse in London, United Kingdom, is a historic venue that has been hosting live music performances since the 1960s. Originally a railway engine shed, the Roundhouse has been transformed into a cultural center that showcases a wide range of artistic events including music concerts, theater productions, and dance performances. The venue's distinctive circular layout and industrial architecture provide a unique backdrop for live music experiences.

Lake Street Dive's upcoming concert at the Roundhouse on January 31, 2025, promises to be an exciting event for fans of the band and live music enthusiasts alike. With their dynamic stage presence and infectious energy, Lake Street Dive is sure to deliver a memorable performance that showcases their musical talents and creative spirit. Concert-goers can expect to hear a mix of fan favorites and new material from the band's discography during this highly anticipated show at one of London's most iconic music venues.