Lake Street Dive

Lake Street Dive live in Antwerp

Feb. 5, 2025 at De Roma in Antwerp, Belgium

Lake Street Dive, an American band formed in 2004 in Boston, is known for their unique blend of soul, pop, and jazz music. The band consists of Rachael Price on vocals, Mike Olson on trumpet and guitar, Bridget Kearney on bass, and Mike Calabrese on drums. Their music style is characterized by catchy melodies, powerful vocals, and a mix of retro and modern influences.

De Roma is a historic concert venue located in Antwerp, Belgium. Originally built as a cinema in the 1920s, De Roma has been hosting live performances since the 1990s after undergoing renovations to convert it into a concert hall. The venue is known for its beautiful Art Deco architecture and excellent acoustics, making it a popular choice for both local and international artists.

Lake Street Dive's upcoming concert at De Roma on February 5th, 2025 promises to be a memorable night for fans of the band. With their dynamic stage presence and impressive musicianship, Lake Street Dive is sure to deliver a high-energy performance that will have the audience dancing along to their infectious tunes. Attendees can expect to hear a mix of old favorites and new material from the band's discography, showcasing their versatility and talent as musicians.