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Kronos Quartet live in Zurich

May 17, 2024 at Volkshaus in Zurich, Switzerland

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Kronos Quartet is a highly acclaimed and influential musical ensemble known for their groundbreaking contributions to contemporary classical music. Formed in 1973, the quartet has consistently pushed the boundaries of traditional chamber music, collaborating with a diverse range of artists and exploring various genres and styles. The group consists of violinists David Harrington and John Sherba, violist Hank Dutt, and cellist Sunny Yang. Kronos Quartet gained recognition early in their career for their innovative interpretations of classical repertoire, but soon expanded their horizons by com ... Read on


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On May 17, 2024, the renowned Kronos Quartet will be performing at Volkshaus in Zurich, Switzerland. Known for their innovative and eclectic music style, the Kronos Quartet has established themselves as one of the most influential and celebrated contemporary classical ensembles in the world.

Formed in 1973 by violinist David Harrington, the quartet consists of John Sherba on violin, Hank Dutt on viola, and Sunny Yang on cello. Throughout their career, they have pushed the boundaries of traditional chamber music by collaborating with a wide range of artists from various genres including jazz, rock, and world music. This unique approach has earned them critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base.

The concert at Volkshaus promises to be an unforgettable experience for both long-time fans and newcomers alike. The venue itself holds significant historical value as it has been a prominent cultural center in Zurich for over a century. Originally built as a workers' assembly hall in 1910, Volkshaus has witnessed countless artistic performances and political gatherings throughout its existence.

With its stunning architecture and excellent acoustics, Volkshaus provides an ideal setting for the Kronos Quartet's performance. The venue's spacious hall can accommodate a large audience while maintaining an intimate atmosphere that allows for a deeper connection between the musicians and attendees.

During the concert, attendees can expect to hear a diverse repertoire showcasing the Kronos Quartet's mastery and versatility. Their program often includes both commissioned works from contemporary composers as well as arrangements of traditional pieces from around the world. The quartet's ability to seamlessly blend different musical styles creates a captivating experience that transcends cultural boundaries.

As pioneers of new music, the Kronos Quartet has consistently challenged conventions and expanded the possibilities of chamber music performance. Their commitment to artistic excellence and exploration has earned them numerous awards including Grammy Awards for Best Chamber Music Performance.


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