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Kronos Quartet live in Stanford

Jan. 27, 2024 at Bing Concert Hall in Stanford, United States

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Kronos Quartet is an internationally acclaimed string quartet founded in 1973 by composer and violinist David Harrington. The group has become renowned for their innovative collaborations, genre-defying repertoire, and commitment to commissioning new works from a diverse array of composers. The quartet has performed with artists ranging from Robert Plant to Nine Inch Nails, and collaborated with composers such as Steve Reich, Philip Glass, Terry Riley, and John Zorn. Their eclectic style encompasses classical, jazz, rock, pop, folk music, world music and more. Kronos Quartet has earned num ... Read on


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Kronos Quartet in concert at Bing Concert Hall on Jan. 27, 2024

On January 27, 2024, the renowned Kronos Quartet will be performing at the Bing Concert Hall, located on the campus of Stanford University in the United States. Known for their diverse and innovative repertoire, the quartet has established themselves as one of the most influential and celebrated chamber ensembles in contemporary classical music.

Formed in 1973 by violinist David Harrington, the Kronos Quartet consists of Harrington himself, John Sherba on violin, Hank Dutt on viola, and Sunny Yang on cello. Their unique musical style combines elements of classical, avant-garde, jazz, rock, and world music to create a distinctive sound that defies traditional genre boundaries. The quartet is known for their fearless exploration of new sounds and techniques, constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with string instruments.

Over the years, Kronos Quartet has collaborated with an impressive array of artists from various genres and cultural backgrounds. They have commissioned over 1,000 works and have premiered compositions by renowned composers such as Philip Glass, Terry Riley, Steve Reich, and many others. Their commitment to promoting new music has earned them numerous accolades and awards throughout their career.

The Bing Concert Hall at Stanford University is an exceptional venue known for its outstanding acoustics and architectural design. Opened in 2013, it was specifically designed to provide an intimate setting for performances while ensuring optimal sound quality. The hall features state-of-the-art technology that enhances both the performers' experience and the audience's enjoyment.

With a seating capacity of approximately 800 people, the Bing Concert Hall offers a comfortable and immersive experience for concertgoers. Its elegant design incorporates wood paneling and curved walls that contribute to its warm ambiance. The venue's location within Stanford University's campus provides easy access for both students and visitors alike.

Attending Kronos Quartet's concert at Bing Concert Hall promises to be a captivating experience for music enthusiasts.


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