Julia Hülsmann Quartet

Julia Hülsmann Quartet live in Munich

March 8, 2025 at Jazzclub Unterfahrt in Munich, Germany

The Julia Hülsmann Quartet is set to perform at the Jazzclub Unterfahrt in Munich, Germany on March 8, 2025. The quartet, led by pianist Julia Hülsmann, is known for their unique blend of contemporary jazz with elements of classical music and electronica. Their music style is characterized by intricate compositions, improvisation, and a sophisticated interplay between the musicians.

Jazzclub Unterfahrt is a renowned venue for jazz enthusiasts in Munich. Founded in 1979, it has established itself as a hub for both local and international jazz artists. The club's intimate setting provides an up-close and personal experience for the audience, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the music.

The upcoming concert at Jazzclub Unterfahrt promises to be a memorable evening of dynamic performances and musical exploration. Fans of Julia Hülsmann Quartet can expect to hear a diverse range of sounds that showcase the quartet's versatility and creativity. With a reputation for delivering captivating live shows, the quartet is sure to enchant the audience with their artistry and passion for music.

Overall, this concert presents an opportunity for jazz aficionados to witness a world-class performance by Julia Hülsmann Quartet in the inviting atmosphere of Jazzclub Unterfahrt.