Julia Holter

Julia Holter live in Durham

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May 21, 2024 at Motorco Music Hall in Durham, United States

Julia Holter, an American singer-songwriter and composer known for her experimental pop music style, is scheduled to perform at Motorco Music Hall in Durham, United States on May 21, 2024. Holter's music blends elements of avant-garde, folk, and electronic music, creating a unique and ethereal sound that has garnered critical acclaim.

Motorco Music Hall is a popular music venue located in Durham, North Carolina. Known for its intimate atmosphere and diverse lineup of artists, Motorco has become a staple in the local music scene since its opening in 2010. The venue features both indoor and outdoor stages, providing concert-goers with a variety of performance spaces to enjoy live music.

Attendees can expect a captivating and immersive experience at Julia Holter's concert at Motorco Music Hall. With her mesmerizing vocals and intricate instrumentation, Holter is sure to deliver a memorable performance that showcases her musical talent and creativity. Fans of indie and experimental music will not want to miss this opportunity to see Julia Holter live in concert at one of Durham's premier music venues.

Overall, the upcoming concert at Motorco Music Hall presents an exciting opportunity for music enthusiasts to witness Julia Holter's innovative sound in a dynamic live setting.