Joshua Redman

Joshua Redman live in Baltimore

Feb. 22, 2025 at Keystone Korner in Baltimore, United States

Joshua Redman, a renowned saxophonist and composer known for his innovative blend of traditional jazz with elements of post-bop and contemporary styles, is scheduled to perform at Keystone Korner in Baltimore, United States on February 22, 2025.

Redman's music style is characterized by his virtuosic saxophone playing, melodic improvisations, and dynamic performances that showcase his deep understanding of jazz traditions while pushing boundaries with modern influences. His distinctive sound and technical prowess have earned him critical acclaim and a dedicated following worldwide.

Keystone Korner, a legendary jazz club with a rich history dating back to the 1970s, has been a hub for top-tier jazz performances in Baltimore. The venue has hosted iconic musicians such as Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, and McCoy Tyner, making it a must-visit destination for jazz enthusiasts.

The upcoming concert at Keystone Korner promises to be a memorable night filled with exceptional music from Joshua Redman and his talented band. Audiences can expect an evening of captivating melodies, intricate harmonies, and electrifying improvisations that highlight Redman's musical brilliance and passion for the art form.

With its intimate setting and storied legacy in the jazz world, Keystone Korner provides the perfect backdrop for experiencing the magic of live music from a true master like Joshua Redman.