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Jazzrausch Bigband live in Berlin

Nov. 23, 2024 at Konzerthaus Berlin in Berlin, Germany

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Jazzrausch Bigband is a remarkable musical ensemble that seamlessly blends the worlds of jazz and electronic dance music (EDM) to create a unique and exhilarating sound. Hailing from Munich, Germany, this innovative group has been making waves in the music industry since their formation in 2014. Led by bandleader Roman Sladek, Jazzrausch Bigband consists of an impressive lineup of talented musicians who are equally proficient in both jazz and EDM genres. With a core group of seventeen instrumentalists and two vocalists, they are known for their explosive live performances that incorporate ele ... Read on


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On November 23, 2024, Jazzrausch Bigband will be performing at Konzerthaus Berlin in Berlin, Germany. Known for their unique fusion of jazz and electronic music, Jazzrausch Bigband has gained international recognition for their energetic and innovative approach to big band music.

Combining the traditional elements of a big band with modern electronic beats and synthesizers, Jazzrausch Bigband creates a captivating and dynamic sound that appeals to both jazz enthusiasts and fans of electronic music. Their performances are characterized by powerful brass sections, intricate improvisations, and infectious grooves that get audiences moving.

Konzerthaus Berlin, located in the heart of Berlin's Mitte district, is a renowned concert hall that has been hosting a wide range of musical events since its establishment in 1821. With its stunning neoclassical architecture and excellent acoustics, the venue provides an ideal setting for Jazzrausch Bigband's vibrant and eclectic sound.

The history of Konzerthaus Berlin is rich and diverse. Originally built as a theater, it was later transformed into a concert hall to accommodate the growing demand for classical music performances in the city. Throughout its history, Konzerthaus Berlin has welcomed numerous world-class musicians and orchestras from around the globe, solidifying its reputation as one of Germany's premier concert venues.


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