Ibrahim Maalouf

Ibrahim Maalouf live in Enghien

July 12, 2024 at Parc d'Enghien - Park van Edingen in Enghien, Belgium

Ibrahim Maalouf, a renowned French-Lebanese trumpet player and composer, is set to perform at Parc d'Enghien - Park van Edingen in Enghien, Belgium on July 12, 2024. Maalouf is known for blending jazz with Arabic music influences, creating a unique and captivating sound that has garnered him international acclaim.

Parc d'Enghien - Park van Edingen is a picturesque park located in the heart of Enghien, known for its lush greenery and serene atmosphere. The park offers a beautiful setting for outdoor events and concerts, making it an ideal venue for Maalouf's performance.

Ibrahim Maalouf's music style is characterized by his use of quarter tones on the trumpet, a technique inspired by Arabic music traditions. His compositions often feature complex rhythms and melodies that showcase his exceptional skills as a musician. Maalouf's music transcends genres, blending elements of jazz, classical, and world music to create a truly unique listening experience.

Fans of Ibrahim Maalouf can expect an unforgettable evening of live music in the enchanting surroundings of Parc d'Enghien - Park van Edingen. Whether you are a long-time admirer of Maalouf's work or simply looking to enjoy an evening of world-class music, this concert promises to be a memorable event for all who attend.