Horse Lords

Horse Lords live in Malmo

Oct. 11, 2024 at Inkonst in Malmo, Sweden

Horse Lords, an experimental rock band hailing from Baltimore, will be performing at Inkonst in Malmo, Sweden on October 11, 2024. Known for their unique and genre-bending sound, Horse Lords have garnered critical acclaim for their innovative approach to music.

Combining elements of krautrock, minimalism, and avant-garde jazz, Horse Lords create a captivating sonic landscape that pushes the boundaries of traditional rock music. Their compositions are characterized by intricate polyrhythms, hypnotic guitar riffs, and pulsating basslines. With a penchant for improvisation and exploration, the band's live performances are known to be immersive and electrifying experiences.

Inkonst, the venue hosting the concert, is a renowned cultural space located in Malmo. Established in 2004, Inkonst is dedicated to promoting contemporary art forms and cultural expressions. The venue has gained a reputation for its commitment to showcasing cutting-edge music acts from various genres. Its state-of-the-art facilities provide an ideal setting for both established and emerging artists to connect with audiences.

With its intimate atmosphere and excellent acoustics, Inkonst offers concert-goers an immersive experience where they can fully immerse themselves in the music. The venue's commitment to fostering artistic innovation has made it a go-to destination for music enthusiasts seeking unique and boundary-pushing performances.