Hiatus Kaiyote

Hiatus Kaiyote live in Atlanta

July 6, 2024 at The Eastern in Atlanta, United States

Hiatus Kaiyote, an Australian band known for their unique blend of future soul, jazz, and electronic music, is set to perform at The Eastern in Atlanta, United States on July 6, 2024. The band's music style is characterized by intricate rhythms, soulful vocals, and innovative production techniques that have garnered them critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base worldwide.

The Eastern is a popular live music venue located in the heart of Atlanta, known for hosting a wide range of musical acts across various genres. With a capacity to hold a large number of concert-goers, The Eastern provides an intimate yet energetic setting for fans to experience live performances up close.

Hiatus Kaiyote's upcoming concert at The Eastern promises to be a captivating and memorable experience for attendees, showcasing the band's dynamic stage presence and musicianship. Fans can expect to hear a mix of their popular hits along with new material, creating an engaging and immersive musical journey throughout the evening.

Overall, the combination of Hiatus Kaiyote's genre-defying sound and The Eastern's reputation for hosting top-tier live performances makes this concert a must-see event for music enthusiasts in Atlanta and beyond.