Helado Negro

Helado Negro live in Cambridge

April 26, 2024 at The Sinclair in Cambridge, United States

Helado Negro, the stage name of Roberto Carlos Lange, is a musician known for his unique blend of electronic, Latin, and experimental pop music. His songs often feature dreamy vocals in both English and Spanish, layered over intricate beats and atmospheric soundscapes.

The upcoming concert at The Sinclair in Cambridge, United States on April 26, 2024, promises to be a captivating experience for fans of Helado Negro's genre-defying sound. The Sinclair is a popular music venue located in the heart of Harvard Square known for hosting a diverse range of artists from various genres.

With its intimate atmosphere and top-notch sound system, The Sinclair provides an ideal setting for audiences to immerse themselves in Helado Negro's mesmerizing music. Fans can expect a dynamic performance that showcases Lange's talent as a multi-instrumentalist and his ability to create a sonic landscape that is both innovative and emotionally resonant.

Overall, this concert presents an exciting opportunity for music lovers in Cambridge to witness Helado Negro's distinctive artistry live on stage at The Sinclair.