Harold López-Nussa

Harold López-Nussa live in Berkeley

Nov. 29, 2024 at Freight & Salvage in Berkeley, United States

Harold López-Nussa, a renowned Cuban jazz pianist and composer, is set to perform at the Freight & Salvage in Berkeley, United States on November 29, 2024. Known for his unique fusion of Afro-Cuban rhythms, classical influences, and contemporary jazz elements, López-Nussa has established himself as a prominent figure in the international jazz scene.

López-Nussa's music style is characterized by his virtuosic piano skills and his ability to seamlessly blend diverse musical traditions. Drawing inspiration from his Cuban roots, he infuses traditional Cuban music genres such as mambo and rumba with modern jazz improvisation. His compositions often reflect a deep appreciation for melody and rhythm, creating a captivating and dynamic musical experience.

The Freight & Salvage is an iconic venue located in downtown Berkeley that has been hosting live music performances since 1968. Originally established as a small coffeehouse, it has grown into a renowned center for folk, blues, bluegrass, and world music. The venue offers an intimate setting with excellent acoustics, providing an immersive experience for both performers and audiences alike.

Over the years, the Freight & Salvage has hosted numerous legendary musicians from various genres.