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Hania Rani live in Mannheim

June 2, 2024 at Maifeld Derby 2024 in Mannheim, Germany

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Hania Rani is a talented Polish pianist and composer who has been making waves in the music industry with her unique style and captivating performances. Born on November 17, 1990, in Gdansk, Poland, Rani's musical journey began at a young age when she started playing the piano. Her passion for music grew over the years, leading her to pursue formal training at the prestigious Academy of Music in Gdansk. Rani's career took off in 2015 when she released her debut solo album titled "Esja." This critically acclaimed album showcased her exceptional piano skills and ability to create beautifully in ... Read on


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Hania Rani, a talented Polish pianist and composer, is set to captivate audiences at the Maifeld Derby 2024 in Mannheim, Germany on June 2, 2024. Known for her unique blend of classical and contemporary elements, Rani's music style is characterized by its delicate melodies and introspective atmosphere.

The Maifeld Derby, an annual music festival held in Mannheim, has become a prominent fixture in the German music scene since its inception in 2010. Set against the picturesque backdrop of the Mannheim Racecourse, the venue offers a spacious and open-air environment that creates a vibrant ambiance for live performances. With its sprawling green fields and ample seating areas, it provides an idyllic setting for attendees to immerse themselves in the music.

Hania Rani's rise to prominence began with her debut album "Esja" in 2019, which received critical acclaim for its emotive compositions and Rani's masterful piano skills. Her music often evokes a sense of introspection and contemplation, drawing listeners into a world of serene beauty. Rani's ability to seamlessly blend classical influences with modern electronic elements has garnered her a dedicated following around the world.

As an artist who values artistic expression and experimentation, Hania Rani's live performances are known for their intimate and captivating nature. With her mesmerizing piano playing and ethereal vocals, she creates an immersive experience that transports audiences to another realm.


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