Hailu Mergia

Hailu Mergia live in City of Edinburgh

Aug. 20, 2024 at La Belle Angèle in City of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Hailu Mergia, an Ethiopian musician known for his unique blend of jazz, funk, and traditional Ethiopian music, is set to perform at La Belle Angèle in the City of Edinburgh, United Kingdom on August 20, 2024. Mergia gained prominence in the 1970s as a member of the Walias Band and has since released solo albums that showcase his skills as a multi-instrumentalist and composer.

La Belle Angèle is a popular music venue located in the heart of Edinburgh's Old Town. The venue has a rich history dating back to the 19th century when it was originally a church before being converted into a nightclub and live music space. La Belle Angèle has hosted a wide range of musical acts over the years, from local up-and-coming artists to internationally renowned performers.

Attendees can expect an evening filled with Mergia's soulful melodies, intricate rhythms, and improvisational flair. His music is known for its ability to transport listeners to another place and time, drawing inspiration from both his Ethiopian roots and his experiences living in the United States. With his band backing him up, Hailu Mergia's concert at La Belle Angèle promises to be a memorable night for fans of world music and jazz fusion alike.