Grigory Sokolov

Grigory Sokolov live in Basel

June 9, 2025 at Stadtcasino Basel in Basel, Switzerland

Grigory Sokolov, a renowned Russian pianist known for his exceptional technique and profound interpretations, is scheduled to perform at Stadtcasino Basel in Basel, Switzerland on June 9, 2025. Sokolov's music style is characterized by his intense emotional depth, exquisite control of dynamics, and a unique ability to bring out the nuances of each piece he performs.

Stadtcasino Basel is a historic concert hall located in the heart of Basel. Originally built in 1876, the venue has been a cultural hub for classical music performances for over a century. The concert hall boasts excellent acoustics and a grand ambiance, making it a popular choice for both artists and audiences alike.

Grigory Sokolov's upcoming concert at Stadtcasino Basel promises to be a memorable evening for classical music enthusiasts. With a program likely to include works by composers such as Chopin, Rachmaninoff, and Schubert, Sokolov's virtuosic playing is sure to captivate the audience and leave a lasting impression. Attendees can expect an evening filled with sublime musicality and masterful artistry in the elegant setting of Stadtcasino Basel.