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GoGo Penguin live in Leeds

May 10, 2024 at Project House in Leeds, United Kingdom

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Gogo Penguin is a British instrumental trio that has been making waves in the contemporary jazz scene since their formation in Manchester in 2012. Comprising pianist Chris Illingworth, bassist Nick Blacka, and drummer Rob Turner, Gogo Penguin's unique blend of jazz, electronica, and classical music has garnered them critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base. The trio first gained recognition with their debut album "Fanfares," released in 2012 under the Gondwana Records label. This album introduced their distinctive sound characterized by intricate compositions, complex rhythmic patterns, and ... Read on


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GoGo Penguin in concert at Project House on May 10, 2024

GoGo Penguin, a renowned British jazz trio, is set to captivate audiences with their unique and innovative music style at the upcoming concert in Project House, Leeds, United Kingdom on May 10, 2024.

Known for their fusion of jazz, electronic, and classical influences, GoGo Penguin has carved a distinct niche for themselves in the contemporary music scene. Their music is characterized by intricate piano melodies, pulsating basslines, and dynamic drum patterns. With a penchant for experimentation and improvisation, they create mesmerizing compositions that effortlessly blend genres and push the boundaries of traditional jazz.

Project House, located in Leeds, is a well-established venue known for its commitment to promoting diverse artistic expressions. The venue has gained a reputation for hosting cutting-edge performances across various genres including music, theater, dance, and visual arts. It provides an intimate setting that allows audiences to immerse themselves fully in the artistic experience.

With state-of-the-art acoustics and a cozy ambiance, Project House offers an ideal space for GoGo Penguin to showcase their intricate musicality. The venue's commitment to supporting emerging artists and fostering creativity aligns perfectly with the spirit of GoGo Penguin's experimental approach.

As one of the most exciting acts in contemporary jazz, GoGo Penguin has garnered critical acclaim worldwide. They have released several highly acclaimed albums such as "Fanfares," "v2.0," and "A Humdrum Star," which have received praise for their technical prowess and captivating compositions.

Their live performances are renowned for their energy and improvisational skills. The trio's synergy on stage is palpable as they seamlessly navigate through complex musical arrangements while leaving room for spontaneous moments of creativity. Audiences can expect an electrifying performance that will transport them into a world where genres collide and traditional boundaries dissolve.

The upcoming concert at Project House promises to be an unforgettable experience for jazz enthusiasts and music lovers alike.

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