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Gabriel Kahane live in New York

May 16, 2024 at Zankel Hall in New York, United States


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Gabriel Kahane, a renowned American composer and singer-songwriter, will be performing at Zankel Hall in New York City on May 16, 2024. Known for his distinctive blend of classical music with pop and folk elements, Kahane's work often explores themes of history, literature, and politics. His compositions are characterized by their lyrical depth and musical intricacy, drawing upon a wide range of influences from the classical tradition to contemporary pop culture.

The concert will take place at Zankel Hall, one of the three performance spaces housed within the iconic Carnegie Hall complex. Opened in 1891, Carnegie Hall is internationally recognized for its rich history and exceptional acoustics. Zankel Hall itself was originally designed as a smaller recital hall but has since been reconfigured as an underground auditorium seating approximately 600 people. This intimate venue is known for hosting a diverse range of performances from classical to contemporary music.

In this upcoming concert, attendees can anticipate experiencing Gabriel Kahane’s unique musical style within the historic and acoustically superior setting of Zankel Hall. The combination promises an engaging evening filled with Kahane's innovative compositions that push the boundaries between genres.


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