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Evgeny Kissin live in Leipzig

Dec. 8, 2023 at Gewandhaus in Leipzig, Germany

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Evgeny Kissin in concert at Gewandhaus on Dec. 8, 2023

Evgeny Kissin, the renowned Russian pianist, is set to mesmerize audiences with his exceptional talent at the Gewandhaus in Leipzig, Germany on December 8, 2023. Known for his virtuosity and profound interpretations, Kissin has established himself as one of the most celebrated classical pianists of our time.

With a music style characterized by technical brilliance and emotional depth, Evgeny Kissin captivates listeners with his expressive performances. His repertoire spans a wide range of composers, including works by Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt, Rachmaninoff, and Tchaikovsky. Kissin's interpretations are often praised for their sensitivity and poetic nuance, as he effortlessly conveys the intricacies and emotions embedded within each composition.

The venue for this highly anticipated concert is the Gewandhaus in Leipzig. Steeped in history and renowned for its exceptional acoustics, the Gewandhaus has been a pillar of Leipzig's cultural scene since its establishment in 1781. Originally built as a concert hall for the city's renowned orchestra, it has witnessed countless legendary performances by some of the world's greatest musicians throughout its illustrious past.

The Gewandhaus building itself is an architectural masterpiece. Designed in a neoclassical style by Johann Carl Friedrich Dauthe, it exudes elegance and grandeur. The Great Hall, where Evgeny Kissin will grace the stage, offers an intimate yet majestic setting that allows audiences to immerse themselves fully in the music.

The Gewandhaus Orchestra, founded in 1743 and closely associated with the venue, has gained international acclaim for its exceptional musicianship under the baton of esteemed conductors such as Kurt Masur and Herbert Blomstedt. Over the years, it has become synonymous with excellence and continues to attract top-tier soloists like Evgeny Kissin.

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