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Evgeny Kissin live in Amsterdam

June 18, 2024 at Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Evgeny Kissin is a world-renowned Russian pianist who has captivated audiences around the globe with his extraordinary talent and musicality. Born on October 10, 1971, in Moscow, Kissin displayed prodigious musical abilities from an early age. He began playing the piano at the tender age of two and a half and gave his first solo recital at the age of ten, which marked the beginning of his exceptional career. Kissin's style can be described as deeply expressive and virtuosic. He possesses an incredible technical prowess that allows him to effortlessly navigate even the most challenging composi ... Read on


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Evgeny Kissin, the renowned Russian pianist, is set to captivate audiences at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, Netherlands on June 18, 2024. Known for his exceptional virtuosity and profound interpretations, Kissin has established himself as one of the most esteemed classical pianists of our time.

Kissin's music style can be described as passionate and emotionally charged. His performances are characterized by his incredible technical skill and ability to convey deep emotions through his playing. With a vast repertoire that spans from Baroque to contemporary composers, Kissin has garnered international acclaim for his interpretations of works by composers such as Chopin, Rachmaninoff, Beethoven, and Schumann.

The Concertgebouw, located in the heart of Amsterdam, is widely recognized as one of the world's finest concert halls. Its grand architecture and exceptional acoustics have made it a favorite destination for both performers and audiences alike. The venue has a rich history dating back to its opening in 1888 and has hosted countless legendary musicians throughout the years.

The Main Hall of the Concertgebouw is particularly renowned for its outstanding acoustics. Designed by renowned architect Adolf Leonard van Gendt, it features a distinctive shoebox shape that allows for optimal sound projection and clarity. The hall's exquisite decor adds to the overall ambiance, with its elegant chandeliers and ornate detailing creating a sense of grandeur.

Audiences attending Evgeny Kissin's concert can expect an evening filled with musical brilliance and captivating performances. Kissin's impeccable technique combined with his ability to evoke profound emotions will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on all who attend. Whether performing delicate passages or thunderous virtuosic displays, Kissin's mastery of the piano is sure to transport listeners into a world of musical enchantment.

As one of the most highly anticipated events in Amsterdam's classical music calendar, this concert is a must-see for both avid classical music enthusiasts and newcomers alike.


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