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Evgeny Kissin live in Madrid

March 19, 2024 at Auditorio Nacional De Música in Madrid, Spain

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Evgeny Kissin is a world-renowned Russian pianist who has captivated audiences around the globe with his extraordinary talent and musicality. Born on October 10, 1971, in Moscow, Kissin displayed prodigious musical abilities from an early age. He began playing the piano at the tender age of two and a half and gave his first solo recital at the age of ten, which marked the beginning of his exceptional career. Kissin's style can be described as deeply expressive and virtuosic. He possesses an incredible technical prowess that allows him to effortlessly navigate even the most challenging composi ... Read on


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Evgeny Kissin, a renowned Russian pianist, is set to captivate audiences with his exceptional musical talent at the Auditorio Nacional De Música in Madrid, Spain on March 19, 2024. Known for his virtuosity and profound interpretations of classical repertoire, Kissin has established himself as one of the most celebrated pianists of his generation.

Kissin's music style can be described as deeply expressive and technically brilliant. He possesses a remarkable ability to convey the emotional depth and complexity of the compositions he performs. With a repertoire that spans from Baroque to contemporary works, Kissin has garnered critical acclaim for his interpretations of composers such as Chopin, Liszt, Rachmaninoff, and Beethoven.

The Auditorio Nacional De Música in Madrid holds significant historical and cultural importance in the city's music scene. Designed by architect José María García de Paredes and opened in 1988, it serves as the principal concert venue for both national and international orchestras and soloists. The auditorium boasts exceptional acoustics and an elegant design that enhances the overall concert experience.

The venue consists of two main halls: the Symphony Hall and the Chamber Music Hall. The Symphony Hall is the larger of the two, with a seating capacity of over 2,300. It has hosted numerous prestigious events including performances by renowned orchestras like the Berlin Philharmonic and Vienna Philharmonic. The Chamber Music Hall provides a more intimate setting with its capacity of around 700 seats.

Auditorio Nacional De Música is not only known for its world-class performances but also for its commitment to promoting music education and cultural events. The venue regularly hosts educational programs, conferences, and workshops aimed at enriching the musical knowledge of both professionals and enthusiasts alike.

As Evgeny Kissin takes center stage at this iconic venue in Madrid, attendees can expect an unforgettable evening filled with breathtaking piano virtuosity and profound musical interpretations.


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