Espen Eriksen Trio

Espen Eriksen Trio live in City of Edinburgh

Sept. 11, 2024 at Traverse Theatre in City of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

The Espen Eriksen Trio is set to perform at the Traverse Theatre in the City of Edinburgh, United Kingdom on September 11, 2024. The trio is known for their unique blend of jazz, classical, and folk influences, creating a sound that is both sophisticated and accessible to a wide range of listeners.

The Traverse Theatre, located in the heart of Edinburgh's cultural scene, has a rich history dating back to its founding in 1963. It has become a renowned venue for showcasing innovative and cutting-edge performances across various art forms, including theatre, music, and dance. The theatre's commitment to supporting emerging artists and pushing artistic boundaries has solidified its reputation as a hub for creativity and experimentation.

Attendees can expect an evening of captivating music from Espen Eriksen Trio as they showcase their virtuosity and improvisational skills on stage. With Espen Eriksen on piano, Lars Tormod Jenset on bass, and Andreas Bye on drums, the trio's dynamic interplay and melodic sensibilities promise to enchant audiences with their soulful compositions and intricate arrangements.

Fans of jazz music and lovers of live performances alike will have the opportunity to experience the Espen Eriksen Trio's artistry in the intimate setting of the Traverse Theatre, making it a concert not to be missed for music enthusiasts in Edinburgh and beyond.


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