Espen Eriksen Trio

Espen Eriksen Trio live in Mannheim

Dec. 16, 2024 at Ella & Louis in Mannheim, Germany

Espen Eriksen Trio With Andy Sheppard

The Espen Eriksen Trio, a jazz group hailing from Norway, will be performing at Ella & Louis in Mannheim, Germany on December 16, 2024. Known for their unique blend of melodic and atmospheric jazz, the trio's music style is characterized by intricate compositions and improvisations that showcase their exceptional musicianship.

Ella & Louis is a renowned jazz club located in Mannheim, known for its intimate atmosphere and dedication to promoting live jazz music. The club has a rich history of hosting both local talent and international acts, making it a popular destination for jazz enthusiasts in the region. With its cozy setting and top-notch acoustics, Ella & Louis provides the perfect backdrop for experiencing the artistry of musicians like the Espen Eriksen Trio.

Fans can expect an evening filled with soulful melodies and dynamic performances as the Espen Eriksen Trio takes the stage at Ella & Louis. Whether you're a dedicated jazz aficionado or simply looking to enjoy an evening of live music, this concert promises to be a memorable experience for all who attend. Don't miss the opportunity to witness this talented trio in action at one of Mannheim's premier jazz venues.