Elephant9 live in Lilleaker

April 24, 2025 at Møllefossen Kafe in Lilleaker, Norway

Elephant9, a Norwegian jazz/progressive rock band known for their energetic and improvisational performances, is scheduled to play at Møllefossen Kafe in Lilleaker, Norway on April 24, 2025. The band's music style blends elements of jazz, rock, and psychedelia, creating a unique sound that has garnered them a loyal following both in Norway and internationally.

Møllefossen Kafe is a cozy cafe located in the picturesque area of Lilleaker, known for its intimate atmosphere and support of local artists and musicians. The venue has a history of hosting diverse musical acts, ranging from jazz ensembles to indie rock bands, making it a popular spot for music lovers in the area.

Fans of Elephant9 can expect an evening filled with intricate melodies, complex rhythms, and dynamic improvisations as the band showcases their impressive musicianship on stage. With a reputation for delivering electrifying live performances that push the boundaries of traditional jazz and rock music, Elephant9 promises to captivate audiences with their innovative sound and infectious energy.

Attendees can look forward to experiencing the magic of Elephant9's music in the intimate setting of Møllefossen Kafe, where they will have the opportunity to witness the band's creative genius up close and personal.