David Helbock Trio

David Helbock Trio live in Gemeinde Mödling

Nov. 9, 2024 at 150 Jahre Schönberg in Gemeinde Mödling, Austria

The David Helbock Trio is set to perform at the 150 Jahre Schönberg in Gemeinde Mödling, Austria on November 9, 2024. Known for their unique and innovative approach to jazz music, the trio promises an evening of captivating melodies and exceptional musicianship.

Led by Austrian pianist David Helbock, the trio combines elements of jazz, classical, and folk music to create a distinct sound that defies categorization. With Helbock's virtuosic piano playing at the forefront, the trio explores a wide range of musical styles and incorporates unconventional instruments into their performances.

The venue for this concert, 150 Jahre Schönberg, holds significant historical value in Gemeinde Mödling. Celebrating its 150th anniversary, this iconic venue has been a cultural hub for the community since its establishment. Over the years, it has hosted numerous concerts, exhibitions, and other artistic events, making it a cherished space for both artists and audiences alike.

With its charming architecture and acoustically pleasing design, 150 Jahre Schönberg provides an intimate setting that allows for an immersive musical experience. The venue's rich history adds an extra layer of significance to any performance held within its walls.

As the David Helbock Trio takes the stage at this renowned venue, attendees can expect a night filled with captivating improvisations and intricate compositions. The trio's ability to seamlessly blend different musical genres will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on all who attend.