David Helbock

David Helbock live in Gemeinde Mödling

Nov. 9, 2024 at 150 Jahre Schönberg in Gemeinde Mödling, Austria

David Helbock, Camille Bertault

David Helbock, an acclaimed jazz pianist and composer, is set to captivate the audience with his unique musical style at the upcoming concert held at 150 Jahre Schönberg in Gemeinde Mödling, Austria on November 9, 2024.

Helbock is known for his innovative approach to jazz, seamlessly blending various genres and incorporating unexpected elements into his compositions. His music often combines traditional jazz elements with contemporary influences, creating a distinct and captivating sound that appeals to a wide range of listeners. With his virtuosic piano skills and imaginative arrangements, Helbock has garnered praise from critics and audiences alike.

The venue for this concert, 150 Jahre Schönberg, holds significant historical importance in Gemeinde Mödling. Celebrating its 150th anniversary, this cultural landmark has been a hub for artistic events and performances throughout the years. The venue's rich history and architectural charm provide a unique backdrop for Helbock's musical journey.

As attendees gather at 150 Jahre Schönberg on November 9th, they can expect an evening filled with mesmerizing melodies and improvisations from David Helbock. His repertoire may include both original compositions as well as reimagined renditions of jazz classics. With each note played on the grand piano, Helbock will transport the audience into a world of musical exploration and expression.