Dave Douglas

Dave Douglas live in New York

Aug. 27, 2024 at Village Vanguard in New York, United States

Dave Douglas, a prominent American jazz trumpeter and composer known for his innovative and eclectic style, is scheduled to perform at the historic Village Vanguard in New York City on August 27, 2024.

Dave Douglas's music style is characterized by his unique blend of traditional jazz elements with avant-garde influences, resulting in a sound that is both contemporary and deeply rooted in the jazz tradition. His performances often feature complex compositions, intricate improvisation, and a wide range of musical influences that showcase his versatility as a musician.

The Village Vanguard is a legendary jazz club located in Greenwich Village, New York City. Established in 1935, the venue has a rich history of hosting some of the most iconic names in jazz, including John Coltrane, Bill Evans, and Thelonious Monk. Known for its intimate setting and exceptional acoustics, the Village Vanguard has become a landmark in the jazz world and continues to attract top-tier talent from around the globe.

The upcoming concert at Village Vanguard featuring Dave Douglas promises to be a memorable evening for jazz enthusiasts and music lovers alike. With its storied past and reputation for showcasing world-class performances, the venue provides an ideal setting for experiencing the artistry of a musician as accomplished as Dave Douglas.